we were able to finally shoot one of my old time favorite animes; RANMA ½ and YES we are finally complete!!

I swear this shoot was too hilarious to take seriously haha! We had mostly fun shots coz that’s what we loved about the series so much. The love triangle of Akane-Ranma-Ryoga. The cute violence of Shampoo and Mousse. The drunkard fathers Soun & Genma. And even the ever adorable fiancé Ukyo too!

I just love this group!!

Kasai as Akane
Kyosuke as Ranma boy
Jeyel as Ranma girl
Carina as Shampoo
Ken as Mousse
Deviangray as Ryogo
Gene as Soun
Jimmy as Genma
Monique as Ukyo
Pchan as PCHAN

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