It costs a million Euros, drives at 350 kph and looks like a dream. No wonder McLaren are convinced they have produced the world's best ever road-car.

For the car's launch, they needed a challenge worthy of such a bold claim. With that in mind, they decamped to Germany's Nürburgring. There, on the tarmac of this twisting leviathan, they would attempt a feat only ever achieved by a full-spec racing car. They would try to break the fabled 7min barrier on the Nürburgring's notoriously violent Nordschleife.

No-one denies the P1 is an almost unbelievably good car. Perhaps the best ever built. But, can it really break 7mins at the Ring?

76ltd's Dan Gifford and VCCP London were there to make a film about the attempt.

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