On The Beat , Hanway Street, London, W1, has been run by Tim since 1979. In 2013 he tried to sell it on eBay (£300,000, Buyer Collects!). It didn't sell and the shop is due to close in January 2014 if a rich eccentric rocker doesn't buy it.

I moved to London in 1988 and my first job was as a TV runner. On The Beat was one of many such shops back in the day but they're a dying breed. JBs, another record shop on Hanway Street, has closed its doors and is now a nail bar. Shame.

I was in London for the day and took the opportunity to grab some footage of the shop on my little Canon Eos 500D and made this little tribute to a place where I've spent many hours flicking through the racks looking for gold.

Thank you Tim!

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