Canon's G1 X camera is a fair bit heavier than the smaller Canon S120 we shot with however, the large chip (the largest of any small fixed lens camera out there right now) really shows up in terms of shallow depth of field. Although you can't manually set ISO, shutter or aperture in video mode, you can lock exposure and adjust a few stops up or down. I'd love to see full manual controls in video mode on this camera! That said, the footage is likely the cleanest of any camera we've tested in low light, color reproduction is very filmic, and the shallow depth of field make it the easy choice for "filmic" looking depth. We'll definitely shoot some more footage with this camera and post it up. This camera with OIS will be pretty amazing in our production floor "walk about" sequence to come.

Camera Weights:
Canon G1 X = 542g
Canon S120 = 215g

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