This project was created by fusing advanced concept design software with traditional crafting techniques from the Region of Jalisco, Mexico.

Each Trophy has a different concept. For -League of Legends- I decided to create an object that could be found in the game. Something that could have been extracted from a videogame filled with Magic to the real world. This magic is represented by the orb in the center, on the top of a pillar, an altar, being embraced by golden flames of victory. This orb has its own light.

As for the -StarCraft 2- Trophy, I set as an objective to represent this world of the future, where only the strong survives in the most difficult and harsh terrain in outer space. Where there is a constant but balanced war between the 3 races who fight for the supremacy.

The upper part of this trophy can rotate to allign the winner's emblem with the front of the trophy. Leaving the other two behind.

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