‘Guten Abend, Gute Nacht’ by Johannes Brahms

'No! Pagliaccio non son!' from 'Pagliaccio' performed by Enrico Caruso

Sound Effects from:


‘The Officers' Mess at the Transit Camp, Benghazi’ by Ardizzone, Edward Jeffrey Irving(1942)
‘At a late hour’(1875)
‘Self-Portrait, Yawning’ by Joseph Ducreux(c.1783)
‘Reading. Young man (Morning)’ by Mihály Zichy(1867)
‘The Garden Arbor’(1889)


‘Sumatran Tiger 2’ by Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK

‘Siberian Tiger Yawn’ by Ber'Zophus

‘Head of a yawning snow leopard (Uncia uncia) with visible tongue’ by Leyo

‘Panthera onca at the Toronto Zoo 2’ by MarcusObal

‘I’m BORED’ by Dwight Sipler

‘Bored, bored, bored’ by Dwight Sipler,_bored,_bored_(7949872568).jpg

‘Bored Raccoon’ by Harlequeen

‘Red Panda in a Tree Y A W N I N G!’ by Harlequeen!.jpg

‘Crabeater Seal yawning in Pléneau Bay, Antarctica’ by Liam Quinnéneau_Bay,_Antarctica_(6059153394).jpgéneau_Bay,_Antarctica_(6059155036).jpgéneau_Bay,_Antarctica_(6059158872).jpg

‘Yawning Vervet Monkey. Samburu National Reserve, Kenya’ by Whit Welles

‘Yawning deer’ by 4028mdk09ähnender_Hirsch.JPG
Century: 21C

‘Two street cats in Madrid (Spain)’ by Luis García (Zaqarbal)ña)_01.jpg

‘Yorkies also have teeth ….’ by Amanda 77 (de.wikipedia)ßmonster.jpg

‘Yawning Ripon horse’ by Lusilier

‘Horse in Prem, Ilirska Bistrica’ by why 137,_Ilirska_Bistrica.jpg

‘Yawning red fox’ by Peter G Trimming

‘Herring Gull yawning’ by John Haslam

‘Rat, yawning’ by Andreas Rejbrand,_yawning.jpg

‘Panthera leo yawn (Kgalagadi, 2012)’ by Yathin S Krishnappa,_2012).jpg

‘Lion Panthera leo a the Louisville Zoo’ by Ltshears

‘Lion yawning. Taken on safari in Tanzania’ by John Storr

‘A female lion yawning at Fort Worth Zoo, Texas, USA’ by Eric Kilby,_Texas,_USA_-female-8a.jpg

‘Dortmund, City West, Westpark, Memorial for World War I, sleeping lion’ by Mathias Bigge


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