This is a handheld shot from my coverage of the first annual South Padre Island Kite Roundup on South Padre Island, TX in May of 2009. I was, and still am, on the beginning of a huge learning curve on video technology and photography.
I captured this footage with a Canon XHA1. Deciding to get bold, I waded into elbow deep salt-water to get some extreme close-ups with a simple Kata rain cover. My camera was not in a water-proof case, nor was my lens protected by anything more than a simple UV filter. Kite boarders were pushing 30 mph that day. I would estimate this pass at about 25 to 30 mph. Good thing this boarder has good steering control!
For most of my shooting that afternoon I kept turning away from the splash, nervous I would swamp my camera. But I kept missing some great splashes, so this is the result of not turning away for once. After this shot I had to head back to shore because not one inch of me was dry enough to dry the lens.
This clip has been slowed to 25% in the editing process.
The audio of the splash was captured by the onboard mic.
The boarder is not currently identified.
The music in the clip is a slide guitar intro to "God Fearing Man" by Ben Harper.

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