NYC Director Cinematographer Editor Colorist

Light is my paint. The lens, my brush. Cinema, my art. To move you is my goal.

Familiar with: Steadicam; Time-lapse; Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony dSLRs, mirrorless, and cinema cameras; Canon C100, C300, C500, EOS-1D C; Black Magic Cinema Camera and Pocket Cinema Camera; RED EPIC, SCARLET; ARRI ALEXA & AMIRA

Scenes from works written, directed, filmed, edited and color-graded by Min Benjamin-Hong

All camerawork by Min Benjamin-Hong except for the sequences at, 0:36, 0:59, 1:01, shot by the amazing camera operator, Thomas Dolan

Special thanks to the talented Assistant Directors: Cristina Pascotto, Jacki Rountree, and Aina Segui.

Music: Oldboy Soundtrack: Track 1 - Look who's talking
- "What did you say?"
- "I said, I would like to tell you my story."

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