just a semi meandering ride to visit friends in jb by way of kuantan from kl. brought my lumix gf-1 and a gopro along for the trip and tried to capture as much as possible.

my planned route this day was already going to take me on a journey of approx 600km or 9 hours, according to google maps (that’s non-stop mind you). so, i wouldn’t really have the luxury of a retake. if i found some interesting curves, i’d stop and plonk the camera down.

the trip really started at 9 after a quick breakfast and it was basically all kinds of damp the entire journey. and with all the fooling around with the cams, i was really only 1/4 of the ways in around noon.

the next 5 hours were spent trying to make up some time with the only stops being for gas, toilet break and a snack.

crossing over to the east coast was a very wet affair. and it didn’t lighten up all the way down the coast either. i would later find out over the next few days about the massive flooding in the area. but anyways…i found my own flooded obstacle.

being a lil behind on time, i decided to blast through the rising waters. i was confident as i had done a similar water crossing before. but in my haste, bloody rookie mistake i know, i went in the same time as 2 lorries and a truck were attempting the crossing. i caught up to them pretty swiftly and tried passing to the right, not thinking about the camber of the road. the bow waves from each of the vehicles started pushing me further to the side of the road where the water was deepest…and before i knew it, i was submarining the bike.

anyways, a dead bike and around 70km from my destination later, i managed to load the bike up into a van with the help of some locals and finished the rest of the journey in the back, hanging on to the bike as there were no tie downs.

ah well…live and learn :D

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