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Michael A. Rippens interview, September 2009, rippens.com

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The Peer Counselors bring coffee to Pratt Alumni in their studio and interview them on what life is like after graduation.

If you are a Pratt Alumni and want to participate in this project, email peer@pratt.edu and let them know how you take your coffee.

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Michael A. Rippens Transcript

I graduated in 2000. I was kind of doing like huge crowd scenes, which still related. It was people within an urban setting and how they were funneled and collected in certain areas, and grouped together in unnatural ways.

You know, the work changes. The work I am doing now is kind of different. It’s toned down a lot politically. I have switched up my medium to a less harder medium. From like a very aggressive medium. I was using spray paint, and working with plexiglass. I started using masking tape on cardboard. It started out as just an experiment.

It’s called Brooklyn Utopias. Artists are exploring, in different ways, the possible future of where they see Brooklyn is heading or where they don’t want Brooklyn to head. Looking forward by looking backwards, in a cultural, political, urban planning sense. There are a lot of interpretations.

So this piece, I decided to break those things down that I was thinking of – cycling and transportation – into a piece about Brooklyn. It’s just a scene of a whole bunch of cyclists basically taking over a highway that was pretty obviously intended for car transportation. So imagining what a post automobile street might look like, and that being part of the utopia that I would imagine. Human powered vehicles without gas and pollution.

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