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Aristotle calls the hands “the tools of tools” that can be used to edify or for ultimate destruction. My argument sums down to the concept that regardless of what is placed in our hands, (or not i.e.: banning guns) man will always have the capacity to kill and destroy because history and human nature will never change. And just the same, humans can use their hands to edify, create, and learn.

Just as man can plant a beautiful tree, he can tear its precious roots from the ground.

Just as our hands allow us to learn and communicate, they also have the power to silence with the simple lifting of a finger or shield our eyes from reality.

Our hands are a tool for creation, imagination, release, and exploration. But hands can also allow one's imagination to sit idly, becoming desensitized to violence for hours at a time. This tension and exploration in a virtual world of violence and destruction are showing severe repercussions in our nation's youth. There is a way to limit this. We cannot accept these atrocities. However, the ugly truth is that violence has and will always be a part of culture and it's a matter of the good ultimately prevailing over what the evil has done.

If violence and evil and terrible things existed thousands of years ago, how can we really say the world has gotten worse? Perhaps there are more tools by which to do damage, but has the monster become more monstrous? I would say it hasn't and the question has and will always remain, what will we do with our hands? How will we leave our mark on this earth.

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