My three winters in Fukui, Japan were dreary and inescapably cold. I dreaded the hail-sleet that fell from the perpetually grey skies, as well as the ominous winter thunderstorms that kept me awake at night. The best way for me to steal a moment of warmth was to take a dip in a relaxing natural hot spring, or onsen, which are plentiful in many parts of the country. It's not just the locals who've discovered the virtues of the onsen for keeping warm- for the Japanese Macaques, or snow monkeys, one particular hot spring deep in the mountains is key to surviving Nagano's harsh winter.

Filming locations:

Fukui City (Echizen Coast, Fukui City Big Buddha during the Setsubun festival)
Jigokudani National Park (AKA Monkey park), Nagano

Music: A.void- "White Light"

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