Boris Schneider-Johne gave a very interesting and funny talk about predicting or better said not being able to predict the future. Thanks Boris!

Title: You can’t predict the future – so try to enjoy it!

Since the dawn of civilization, human beings have tried to get a glimpse of the future, asking shamans, soothsayers and scryers about their fate. Nowadays we turn to financial experts, trend researchers and other fortune tellers, who use more systematic methods to still not predict the future effectively. There is a clear coding error in our brains that we can’t process simple statistical facts as a long as we get told a believable story. And believe we do. So let’s take apart some of those predictions. Hindsight is 20/20 and showing where others were wrong can be highly entertaining – until you need to question your own thinking. So I also will ruthlessly show my own mistakes from earlier days and how I deal with “the future” today, both on a private and a professional scale.

Watch this little video to get an impression how beyond tellerrand events look like:



beyond tellerrand:

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