Following the long awaited photo campaign for NYMPHA’s new collection $IN CITY, we present you a super hot video from the very talented film makers Jack Wells, Sam Hiscox & Maddie McNicholas:

A dream state of mind you don’t want to wake up from!

Starring: the wild and beautiful Pippa Holland and Billy Huxley. The characters are dressed up in love by style queen David Motta, with the hair to die for by Oskar Pera Moreno and the seductive make up by Bunny Hazel Clarke… we just can’t get enough of those lips! ♥

We view a parallel between the male and female. It is a total dream state, both of these characters may or may not exist, they are searching for each other and they are strangers that maybe never meet, they could be the same person, sexuality has no bounds in this world we see them walking in to. It is an unrealised reality for both subjects, unknowing lovers in a total fantasy full of lust and wonder leaving the viewer to decide their fate.

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