Vet Richard Allport of explains how CV247 can help in treating cancer in dogs. Richard Allport says that his experience is that CV247 can not only elicit a fast response in halting or even reversing the effect and impact of cancer in dogs, but also significantly improve the quality of life of animals affected by cancer or tumour.

CV247, which has been helping treat cancer in dogs since 1996, albeit on a tiny scale, is receiving new and ongoing investment which will help develop it further and make it far more widely available.

CV247 is produced by CV Pharma Limited, formerly Ivy Medical Chemicals Plc, and is a relatively simple drug applied as an alternative or complementary cancer treatment - with few known side-effects - used either in isolation or alongside established treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

CV247 boosts the immune system, and forms part of the body's anti-oxidant defences. It also aids recovery as an adjunctive therapy for traditional cancer treatments, and may prevent or delay the re-occurrence of tumours, and in some cases demonstrates a regression of such tumours. It has at least limited and quite possibly no known adverse side-effects.

Professor Andor Sebesteny, formerly chief veterinary surgeon of the Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research, and consultant veterinary pathologist to the UK 's Imperial Cancer Research Fund added: "Evidence has shown that, depending upon the stage and type of cancer, a significant number of animals, according to their owners, appeared to benefit from treatment with CV247, and it appears to have been responsible for improving the quality of life and extending life span in a number of dogs beyond that predicted."

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