Jon Monaghan
"Mothership", 2013 (excerpt)
15 minute loop
Music by Evan Samek
dimensions variable
edition of 3

courtesy the artist and bitforms gallery nyc

Working with similar techniques used in commercial CGI animation and special effects, "Mothership" is an imaginative and haunting film. Funny and colorful, almost superficial, but at the same time based on a deep analysis of the history of art, politics, and social dynamics with an emphasis on wealth and power structures. Monaghan reverses the meaning and function of objects and characters, embezzling not only the elements and protagonists of pop culture, advertising, consumerism, and video games, but also their subconscious strategies that elicit a particular response in us. The immediate familiarity granted by his imagery hacked from our cultural landscape mediates the surreal foreignness of his aesthetic, creating a nightmarish edge in which we remain trapped in an endless loop of seductive but ultimately vacuous simulation where meanings don’t quite materialize.

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