I have replaced my old Gregory patch pipline with Pixar's OpenSubDiv library.
I presented at Pixar on 12/16/2013.

This was an incredible experience. Thank you to everyone involved for having me over!
OSD has been painless to integrate, stable and performs well:

I have also spent a large amount of time implementing a realtime probe sampling variant of physically based shading using importance sampling inspired by the Unreal presentation at Siggraph this year.

Thank you to:
Original concept art by Marc Brunet: cghub.com/images/view/20020/
Rafael Grassetti (The character artist behind Mechagirl).
Mat Makin (The "Gravity" style helmet, and I thank him immensely for taking the time on this!).
Chris Whitaker (Mr Blendshapes on this demo, and one of the most patient of human beings that I have ever met :) ).

Audio is from "Obsidian Shell", Megtört Álom, Elysia released under Creative Commons:

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