This track will be on Lonski & Classen's upcoming Album "All Tomorrow is Illusion" (Release on March 14th 2014 on OSTHAFEN/broken silence). Three years of recovering from the Dust Lane tour, composing new material and intense studio work have passed for this first audible sign of life to come. Finally. Of course, a rare cherry was picked for this occasion: "I Danced Again" is not sung by Lukas Lonski but by Felix, who normally hides behind the drums. The female voice belongs to Miriam Jakob, one of two guest appearances on this song. Back in time, when the recordings for the album were in full progress, Lonski & Classen visited Yann Tiersen, the second guest, on a breton island. He added synth textures and melodies that were beautifully and effortlessly woven into the song.

recorded, produced and mixed by Lonski & Classen with Willem van Dijk.
mastered by Ingo Krauss at Candybomber Studio, Berlin.
Video by David Poulter

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