A laugh in every break.

At the beginning of 2013, the whole Arab world really needed a break. In a tense and unpredictable climate, KIT KAT wanted to put a smile in people’s breaks, build its social media audience and create humorous content to engage with its consumers.

So we created the KIT KAT Comedy Break Show. The first online talent show searching for the next big Arab comedian.

For 19 weeks, we invited people to show us their comedy skills, nurtured their talent, and fuelled the comedy scene in the region.

In exchange, we gained engaging content for our social media platforms and our dedicated website. And the campaign helped associate KIT KAT with comedy and quality content in the mind of our consumers.


Putting a smile in people’s break is KIT KAT’s DNA and everything the brand stands for. Our show allowed us to elevate the comedy scene, and engage with consumers in the entertainment and comedy genres within the digital environment, providing an opportunity to interact in new, relevant spaces with our audience.

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