Shot in late 2013 and tweaked into 2014, The Long Game (originally titled The Bizarre Second Life of Tucker Cox) was a pilot I shot, wrote, and co-directed/co-created with producer Travis Higgins.

It features performances by:
Adam AbouAish, David Bolick, Ted Femrite, Leonard Searcy, DJ Quaile, Tiffany Cornwell and Christian Opland.

The pilot was designed to be the first chapter in an out of sequence story about a young man (Adam AbouAish)who has escaped from a Southern Californian cartel with an unlikely amount of money.

The following chapters would have taken us through how he got busted by a rogue/recently fired FBI paper-pusher (David Bolick) who is trying to locate and steal the money - either for himself or for....?. With the help of a low-level con man (Leonard Searcy) that he has enlisted/forced to work with him, they attempt to ascertain the cash's location as well as the cartel's knowledge of Adam's location, attempting, and failing, to pull the strings in their favor. We also would have learned more about the brilliant and conniving Tiffany, who has everybody fooled, including herself.

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