"Youth" is an adventurous short-form cinematic delve off the beaten cliffs of the music video, and into the promised realm of musical noir and song-driven syncopated linear storytelling.

The film director, here as the unseen visual keymaker, reimagines and unfolds the lyrical journey of the young Lost Boys/Auburn kids, their mission and their allies like a quilt that is open to multi-interpretation. The real protagonist, as it is hoped here, would be the listener looking in.

The story of “Youth” is a familiar yet cursory tale of a quest set in a melancholic Malaysia of the future, where concepts like hope and courage and sacrifice can no longer be taken for granted.


Client - Karya Anak Malaysia (Sub Records)
Artist - Auburn

Production & Post - Entropy (entropy.my)

Director - Emir Ezwan
Story Treatment: Emir Ezwan & Izuan Shah
DOP - Julian Oh of Redd Bullets (reddbullets.com)
2nd Camera - Carolyn Chon of Redd Bullets
Camera Assistants - Mei-Fern Chong of Redd Bullets & Sabrina

Executive Producer - Hadie Pranoto
Line Producer - Farah Nabila
Editor - Sufie
Stylist - Natalie Zainal
Makeup - Jeja
Tech Assistant - Ito, Kamil
PA - Carmen Chew

Casts - Wan, Zaly, Isaaq, Arini, Mizan, Pablo, Din, Faiz, Mus, El

MDFA2013 - Best Digital Music Video
MDFA2013 - Best Computer Generated Innovation

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