Music by Fleetwood Mac. “Dreams" // Warner Bros. Canon EOS 60D. Tamron 17-50mm VC. VSCO Film.

San Francisco is beautiful but, you don’t necessarily need to move to a city like this to find inspiration. Inspiration is all around you and sometimes it takes one single person to help explore the beauty that is all around you. I met Delissa about a year ago and from there we really started to connect creatively. Our bi-monthly journeys began, D on stills and I on video. Whether it was Chinatown at 5am or the ocean cliffs of Bodega Bay to the north, if there was somewhere we wanted to shoot, we would go right ahead and shoot it. This girl has such a fresh edge, a pure understanding of what is beautiful and how things should be. She’s someone that really tells it like it is and when it comes to art and ideas I don’t want to beat around the bush, lets just talk about it and make something happen.

If you are feeling inspired yet having a hard time doing it alone then grab your Delissa and make something happen! Find that inspiration with someone else and run with it, you’d be surprised how fun it can be.

Merry Christmas Delissa, this is for you.

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