Just in time to upgrade the firmware of my BMPCC for RAW capabilities prior the departure to Budapest and Vienna via Doha. Unfortunately it's cloudy in the short trip around Vienna so i didn't see any appropriate situation to have the RAW captures.

The workflow I used was not the most flexible and fast method to me and i personally thought it would jeopardize my whole production schedule for a real film production. So, this preview is only meant to preview the tonal flexibility and dynamic range of RAW shooting, nothing else. Maybe when i get the copy of DaVinci Resolve, things will get much even better and most importantly, fast and reliable.

Lens : SIGMA 19mm DN Series (MFT mount), unfortunately without iris control on BMPCC.
Supports : ND8 filter, Monopod by iFootage, Bag by Vanguard.
Workflow : Adobe RAW importer in AE > composition 30fps > export in h264 > finalized by PremierePro.
Location : Doha International Airport and Budapest.
Backsound : "Well OK Honey" by Jenny O.

Limitation is my friend and imperfectness is my buddy. Enjoy.

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