Getting a first feel of the Make Noise Pressure Points.
The module is connected to two Q106 vco's with pulse wave outputs. They are routed back into the Intellijel Plog X & Y inputs. Then the logic signals at audio rate are sent from the Plog channel A & B out to Maths channels 1 & 4. The output of these Maths channels are sent to a CP3 mixer before routing through various envelopes, delays and frequency shifters.
The four channels of the PP are separated into four configurations of the routings and also control some parameters on the Maths, the Plog and frequencies of the vco's as well as the CV of the Encore frequency shifter and Modcan dual delay 73B.
Somehow the pitch variations on channel one of the PP (which is responding to the pressure), is not controlling the pitch of the vco's but rather controlling the B channel logic TYPE of the Plog. I never switched to view it (sorry) but the changes in pressure shifted the logic state which caused the frequency of the Maths CH4 to change. A strange and accidental patch fluke. One that I wasn't expecting. This is the deep cello or bass string sound at the beginning and end.
There is a feedback loop between the Plog and Maths. The channle B of the Plog is sent to the Maths Channel 4 and then returned to the Channel A logic TYPE of the Plog.

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