How to Participate:

For our upcoming video project we plan to compile short clips of formerly Ultra-Orthodox individuals (or OTD if you will) humming along to songs of their youth while engaging in their everyday activities.

To submit your own video email us ( a clip of you in your daily life, doing whatever it is you do in your day (it doesn’t have to be what you do professionally), while singing along to a song from your childhood or not so distant past. You can submit up to two videos, the deadline to submit is Dec 26, 2013.

We will compile the best videos into one video.

The Particulars:

The daily activity you choose can be anything, typing, cooking, working out, studying, driving, doing complicated yoga poses, sheitel styling, whatever it is you do.

The song should be a song from your former life that you still enjoy listening to today, even if the song was released after you left so long as it is a throwback to your old life, it can be Lipa, Miami Boys Choir, Avraham Fried, Abie Rotenberg, MBD, Modzitz, Belz, (The Chevra anyone?) whatever.

The song should be playing in the background as you do your work and sing along.

The Video should not be too long, we will most likely use about 30 seconds from each submission so give us about that length, not less and not too much more.

Try to record with the best device that you have, though videos shot on smart phones and computers are perfectly acceptable.

Place the source of the music as close as you can to the recording device to increase the sound quality.

You should just be doing whatever it is you do as if no one is watching.

What Are We Trying To Say With This Video:

We’re not saying you should,
We’re not saying you would,
We’re saying you could.

That is all,


All the rest is just fun, music, and videotape.

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