We studied marine science for the entire school year. This project incorporated art, music, participatory research aboard research vessels, classroom tanks, drawing lessons, microscopic investigations, field studies, experts, and guest instructors.
Research involved hands on vocabulary development, Internet fact gathering, classroom dialogues, a rainbow trout dissection, and various experiments.

Special thanks to: the Berkeley Marina (Patty), The Redwood City Marine Science Institute, Sailing into Science (Kyle and Dr. J), Patrick and Sarah, and Donorschoose.

Project Leaders:
Nico, Milo, Ilan, and Olivia.

Script Writers:
Sadie, Gus, Nico, Milo, Sachi, Lila, Casey, Ruby, and Nadav.

Zariah, Ruben, Ruby, Khadija, Jade, Fabian, Fiona, Sadie, Mary Monroe, and Vessy.

Animation Crew:
Jasmine, Katie, Jade, Fiona, Ruby, Olivia, Gabriel, Delilah, Zariah, and Molly.

Please note: the three puppets were bought at Mr. Mopps. The puppets were made by Educational Insights and they are called “Puppet on a Pen” or “Puppet on a Stick.” The puppets were invaluable to this project! The puppet costumes were made by Zariah, Jade, Delilah, and Fiona.

Narrator 1- Sadie
Definition Narrators:
Jojo and Amber
Plankton- Mike, Gus, and Nia
Leopard Shark- Nadav
Jellyfish- Liam
Crab- Gus
Baby Leopard Shark- Ruben
Tubeworm- Lila
Bat Ray – Liam
Dying Prey- Emi (the screamer)


This project was authored by Peralta Elementary School students (and alumnus)!

CREDITS AND EDITING BY: Ilan, Nico, Milo, Jade, Fiona, Jojo, Maelani, Lila, Ruby, & Ana

Image source information:
S.F. Estuary- “‪San Francisco Bay‬” From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“A copepod family 
Eucalanidae” is from stephenleahy.net/2012/11/02/plankton-death-to-come-with-acid-oceans-and-sunlight/


Teacher Facilitator:
Ana Thomas
Contact info:

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