OUTEX has got you covered.
Go ahead. Get your hands dirty. OUTEX is a rad new product that hermetically seals SLR cameras (or camcorders) from the elements – mud, dirt, sand, water, moisture, etc. – while maintaining tactile feel. OUTEX makes my equipment completely waterproof and dirt-proof so I can concentrate on taking pictures. It protects my equipment, my pictures, and my investment.

OUTEX products work with most major products (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Sigma, Olympus) and completely envelops the camera for a water-tight seal that keeps elements out. There are three major components; Optics, Covers, and Accessories. The optics attach to your lenses and viewfinder. The covers are applied to the product. And the Accessories offer convenience, transportability, and practicality.

Who’s using it?
OUTEX’s patented design was created by photography enthusiasts out of necessity. Now OUTEX is being used by hundreds of professional photographers in its native Brazil, where it was invented, and is being introduced internationally now. Photographers love the fact OUTEX is easy to transport, install, and use. It’s rugged construction is long lasting & low maintenance. The fact pieces can be purchased separately means great flexibility of use in various conditions and configurations.

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