This type of driving is on the rise. A driver gets on the interstate and right away he speeds up on a vehicle that goes out in the left lane to pass leaving the passing vehicle hung out to dry in the left lane allowing other traffic ( Trucks And Cars ) to pass on the right. This is illegal since the law states that a vehicle that is being passed must maintain a constant and steady speed and may not speed upon a passing vehicle.
This driver did the opposite because of impatience. He has to show others that he has what he thinks is a large car not realizing that our member also has a truck that can run but our members do not drive this way. They have been properly trained.
This is not the first time for drivers of this company. But we might guarantee it will be the last.
In questioning the member in regards to this incident he stated that when he caught up to this driver he deliberately slowed down on the hills to slow this member down and then took off. He did this three times. But when the member actually caught up to him he slowed down which makes this a deliberate act by this driver.
The proper action for this driver to have taken would have been to maintain speed and allow all traffic in the left lane to pass then speed up and pass. If he had done this there would have not been a problem.
This incident happened on I80 eastbound in Pennsylvania.

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