A site specific single channel video installation
sponsored by the City of Los Angeles
Department of Cultural Affairs
with generous support from the
National Endowment for the Arts

The ontology of this piece was inspired by Native American tribes who inhabited Southern California.
The Chumash Indians believed that there were three worlds: the world which we inhabit as well as the one above and below us. The world above was the sky and the home of the eagle, sun, moon and the supernatural; the middle world, where humans reside, was held in place by a giant serpent which sometimes moved and caused earthquakes; and the lower world, the underworld, was the home of darkness and evil spirits. Ann Kaneko and I wove this cosmology to combine the natural landscape with chumash motiffs and the contemporary machine culture. It would have been too easy set up these points as binary opposites- instead we attempted to show them all together as a fluid continuity in the evolution of the Southern California landscape.

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