We stacked a selection of our most popular Concrete-exclusive video projects from the past year into a 20-minute "2013 In Review" compilation. Much better than staring at the yule log channel...

Featuring: Zander Mitchell, Brett Gifford, Mike Vince, Massimo Cavedoni, Bryan Wherry, Tyler Warren, Chris Haslam, Morgan Smith, Josh Clark, Bobby De Keyzer, Chad Dickson, Will Marshall, Charles Deschamps, Micky Papa, Sascha Daley, Nate Lacoste, Sean Malto, Rick McCrank, Raven Tershy, Cory Kennedy, Elijah Berle, Riley Boland, Frank Shaw, Danny Tumia, Cameo Wilson, Steven Reeves, Rob "Sluggo" Boyce, Adam Hopkins, Mason Merlino, James Clarke, Sky Siljeg, Charlie Blair, Cody Lockwood, Brad McClain, Shay Sandiford, Paul Trep, Stacy Gabriel, Tom Nelner, Conlan Killeen, Magnus Hanson, Jason Wilson, Drew Summersides, Arte Lew, Ian Twa, Matt Berger.

0:03 - "Follow The Signs" - HUF Canada in LA
Filmed & Edited by: Dane Collison
Additional Filming: Brian Caissie
Music: "City Girl" by Main Attraction
Digital Issue 124 article: bit.ly/1hXFc6I

2:48 - Chris Haslam "Past Blast" ('02-'07)
Filmed & Edited by: Brian Caissie
More info: bit.ly/1bLgQ7U

7:33 - DC Canada In Arizona
Filmed & Edited by: Brian Shannon
Additional Filming: Josh Clark
Music: "Ventilator Blues" by The Rolling Stones
Digital Issue 125 article & extras: bit.ly/1kJBDyd

10:10 - Concrete #126 "Both Ends of the Lens" with Nate Lacoste
Filmed & Edited by: Brian Caissie
Music: "It Is Not Meant To Be" by Tame Impala
Digital Issue 126 article: bit.ly/JAA9Lt

11:35 - Girl & Chocolate Vancouver, BC Demo
Filmed & Edited by: Antosh Cimoszko
Music: "They Came In Through The Window" by Night Beats
#20yearsofgirl Vancouver exhibition slideshow: bit.ly/1fzC8dM

13:58 - The Battle At Hastings IV
Filmed & Edited by: Kolby Harris
Additional Filming: Sheldon Barr, Ethan Miller, Zenga Bros, Chris Johnson
Music: "'68 Camaro" by Black Bombaim
Contest results: bit.ly/J0PbsG

18:26 - 60 Seconds Or Less #2
Filmed & Edited by: Brian Caissie
Music: "Jah Love" by Bad Brains

19:18 - 60 Seconds Or Less #3
Filmed & Edited by: Brian Caissie
Music: "Raw" by Big Daddy Kane

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