To understand the complexity and multilayered experience of the Alemao Metro Cable a field trip was organized from New York. A network of people was built to create a visual and sound document that allows us, the spectators, to participate in the traveling reality of this uneven modernized landscape. An enormous piece of transport infrastructure was recently built, with the aim of connecting a forgotten place with the City. The contradictory relations between the favela and the city constitute a key issue of the Brazilian urban experience. The material promise of modernity as access to goods and services has been undermined for decades by the radical economic and social inequality between the rich and the poor. Nowadays, with the excuse of the future international visibility of the City caused by the future events like the World Cup and Olympics, and the uprising of the Brazilian economy, the politicians and urban planners have been pushed to include the favelas into their planning agenda. For the first time, despite the previous tactical operations, a mayor political and urban movement was made. The favelas, the forgotten, non planned, informal, uneven, unequal, places were going to be legitimate through a connection to the formal landscape.


Alemao - Sounds

Concept: Agustín Schang
Field trip: Adrian Behr
Editing: Lucas Ferrari
Original Soundtrack: Carisma (Ismael Pinkler + Carolina Stegmayer)

GSAPP – Fall 2013
Network Culture. The History of the Contemporary.
Professor: Kazys Varnelis
Assistant: Jochen Hartmann

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