Shot with my all custom weather enclosure-d camera.
The camera is only a point and shoot variety presently whilst the issues are ironed out (and hopefully a new camera)
This video was taken from Sandford, Tasmania on the night of 14 December 2013.
Its about 400 images taken (f-2.2, iso 3200, 13 second exposures)- spanning about 2 hours from 2:30am to 4:30am or so.
Most the best activity was during daylight hours, or behind the clouds you can see clearing in this video.

Music: Epiphany by Podington Bear (

For those who have asked questions

20 second frame-to-frame (7s delay between frames)
1 video second = 500 real life seconds

2:17:48AEDT (15:17 UTC) (first frame (seq 816)
4:49:17AEDT (17:49 UTC) first complete whiteout frame (seq 1268)- pretty close to last frame

green aurora glow intensifies between 3:05 (seq 956) and 3:20 (seq 1003)
first identifiable pink curtain (left to right wipe) appears at 3:23:19 (seq 1011)
pink beam appears at 3:28:48 (seq 1027)
pink dissapears at 3:37:25 (seq 1053)

second curtain (left edge) starts at 3:52:11 (seq 1097)
bightest point is 3:53:32 (seq 1101)
fades out at 3:56:13 (seq 1109)

third curtain starts (middle third) starts at 3:56:33 (seq 1110)
continues through to right edge at 4:02:36 (seq 1128)

For a very crude overlay on the hobart magnetometer;

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