Road to Depression
(to the tune of Road to Morocco)

Were off on the road to Depression
Where is it, its just south of Hell

Where poverty and sickness
Are a way of life
Weve lost our inspiration
All we have left is strife

Our economic ship has run aground
Like a nation thats gone bankrupt
Were Depression-bound!

Were travelin the road to starvation
Just moving as fast as we can

When the truckers who deliver
All our food and drink and more
Stop truckin due to high fuel costs
Oh, it will make us sore
Cause the shelves will all be empty
At the supermarket store

If we dont stop fooling around
Then our children will go hungry
Were Depression-bound!

Were walking a path of destruction
Our country is going down for good

For years weve lived beyond our means
But now our debts are due
Its time to pay the piper
Who so long supported you

If you listen you can hear the sound
Of America collapsing
Were Depression-bound!

Were making our way to extinction
There isnt so much left for us to do

Our businesses have closed their doors
The manufactories
Have shut down operations
And moved them overseas

The king of despair has been crowned
He has wrapped us in his arms
Oh, were Depression-bound!

Were off on the road to Depression
It isnt a smooth running ride

Our hopes and dreams have gone away
We have no more time for those
Survival is at stake now
Thats just the way life goes
When our government controls us all
Tyranny then grows

If we ever hope to rebound
Wed better reverse course cause
Were Depression-bound!

Were keeping the home fires burning
Each day is much harder than the last

There still remain a vaunted few
Who tirelessly aspire
To help restore our way of life
To standards that are higher

All that weve lost must be found
If were ever gonna fix this
Were Depression-bound!

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