The newly re-opened Carnival Museum in Kitzingen enables the history of carnival and its diverse facets to be experienced by modern technology. TAMSCHICK MEDIA + SPACE designed and implemented the highlight of the museum: an audio-visual presentation of twelve historical carnival costumes, which are integrated into a narrative and emotional spatial experience and brought to life via projections. The performance of the different characters and their individual dialects is supported by a soundtrack especially composed for this piece.

On multi-layered, ceiling-high gauze strips, an interplay between the atmospherically illuminated original costumes and the projections on the gauze takes place. The twelve most important figures, such as Federhannes, Villinger Narro or Spalter Flecklasmo embark on a fictional dialogue with each other, argue about the sense and nonsense of carnival, masquerade and the incineration of sin and thereby embody the spirit of carnival from a surreal perspective.

/Creative Direction: Charlotte Tamschick
/Project Manager: Anne Sebald
/Audio production, Stefan Will, Niko Grunnert, BLUWI Music and Sounddesign GbR
/Media planning, media integration: inSynergie GmbH
/2 Full HD-Projectors
/Erco LED lights, Dali-DMX-Controller

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