In early 2013 we set up this multichannel sound installation for Frida Weyer. Her Couture Show called "Anna Karenina goes Versailles" was strongly inspired by the baroque opulence and courtly elegance of Joe Wright`s Hollywood Epos. In five seperate stage-settings, the sound created reflects different fictional occasions and locations from Russia to France.

As spectators approached a single „movie-set“ they got drawn into the soundtrack of the specific scenery. From further distance all five soundtracks merged into one big piece of music. With velvety, glistening tones and musical emotion of mystery and aspiration the show became a "one hour fairytale" in the center of Berlin.

contractor: Frida Weyer
set design: Anina Diener
location: Chamäleon Theater Berlin
genre: multichannel sound installation
video: Daniel Dietz
kling klang klong: sound concept and music

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