I was commissioned by Trent Vineyard Church to produce a video for the 2013 Carol Service.

I was given a script entitled 'The Gift' and had to turn it into a visual narrative.

After reading the script it was clear that a hypnotic/layered visual style was going to work best. To achieve best results I wanted to film in slow motion to add a smooth, slow pace to any camera movement.

I then printed out various images onto OPH paper, bought props and built a set with my friend Steve Illsley.
We worked a 15 hour day filming a huge amount of material (most of which is on the cutting room floor!)

The edit was very time consuming and went through many rounds of experimentation. I've always loved playing around with composite layers so was in my element!

Due to time restrictions I used my Dad for the voiceover and I think he did a good job!

Thank you Skeleton Productions for letting me borrow your FS700.

Thank you Dad for the last minute voiceover.

Thank you Steve Illsley for being a total legend as always.

Music: Tim Hecker - Dungeoneering

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