I interviewed Don Farina, the rector of the church of the "Madonna del Ghisallo", Saint Patron of Cyclists.
Research for the documentary "Just for the Peloton".

The genuineness of being fans of cycling has not changed since the beginning of XX century.
People is massed on the streets to see first hand the feat, to watch the grimace of fatigue on the riders
faces during the climb or to admire the speed of the peloton in the flat lands, where only the blast made by
the colored swarm can be heard.
There is no more romanticism in racing: riders are "remote controlled" by radios from the team cars, they
schedule their season goals and sometimes they betray their fans taking not allowed "potions".
Cycling is moving away from people but people doesn't move away from that idea of cycling that is part of an
era that no longer exists.

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