The Mermaid Project
A day by the ocean sounds like part of the ideal life: waking up in the morning, go to the beach; relax to the sound of the waves crashing on the fresh sand. Sounds like a great way to start your day, to spend your vacations, the best place to watch the sunset, create memories. Yet, something has changed during the past years. The mass amount of trash, and the uncontrolled fishing are causing our oceans and beaches to become desolated, covered in trash like open dumps. People day by day are starting to understand that this attitude against our oceans is going to soon turn against us and few organizations are currently donating their time to open the eyes of the world. We consider this a great first step, but we need more. Our passion for the water, the ocean, and the beauty of this different ecosystem, got us together to get more people to see the astonishing beauty that is slowly dying because of our indifference. Our goal is to show how precious our ocean and beaches are, and how well people can function in and around it, photographing models and celebrities in the water, in and around the ocean wearing mermaid tails. The induced fear coming from years of stereotypes is defeated, with the knowledge that is up to everyone of us to keep this beautiful environment healthy and clean.
We are Angelina Venturella and Chiara Salomoni, two photographers that met in Southern California, brought together by the same passion for the ocean, photography and a particular eye for beauty. With our goal in mind we are working with The Mertailor Eric from Florida, which is making and donating the tails for our models, and the result of our donation is going to be addressed to
The photographs will be shown next summer in an art show and in a table book. This is the project we are creating to get the world to see how much more there is beneath the choppy surface of the seas, and how much more there is to work with. The world just needs to see it in order to understand it and take action.
The Mertailor
When Eric was just thirteen years old, he created my company, Mertailor LLC, making mermaid tails, thus becoming an entrepreneur. Due to his strong passion for mermaids and the underwater world, it has been Eric's dream to share his visions of the magical world of mermaids and to promote the idea of “mermaiding”. Eric has created various mermaid tail products varying from swimsuit fabrics to realistic full body mermaid tail prosthetics, not only for production or commercial use, but also for everyday, recreational swimming. Eric have tails that are as real as fish you just caught on your boat, which are available to every aspiring mermaid and merman who dreams of life in the sea.
Becoming one of the leading Mermaid Tail Makers in the industry over the years has not only shown Eric that his mermaid tails enable people to imagine that they are mermaids and a part of the ocean, but they are also engaging in a fun and exciting physical activity. While making the dreams of hundreds of thousands of children come true, Eric hopes that he will be able to spread the idea of “mermaiding” in hopes to continue the mermaid dream, as well as to begin raising awareness for the marine life, and the underwater world around the globe by introducing a mythical creature to the environment.

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