more than one way to skin a cat

concept/choreography/performance: Francesca Pedullà and Lady Janitor aka Eroca Nicols
the voice: Caroline Charbonneau
outside eye: Kelly Keenan
costumes, props, lighting design: Frey Faust, John Asbury Hunt, Kalyan Uprichard

This work started as an exploration: the physical challenge to find as many ways to locamote as possible, but gradually transformed into a study of illusions and the limitations of power and perception; how one point of view can limit or distort comprehension of the essential. Our collaboration has been further enriched by character-development, and the rigorous practice of irony towards identification or the sense of belonging.

Supported by residencies at the TanzFabrik Berlin and the Nomadic College at Earth Dance, Massachusetts, "more than one way to skin a cat" had it's North American premiere as part of the programming of the festival "ps: we are all here" in Toronto, Canada last summer, 2013.

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