Pi Si Ka = PInang (areca nut) + SIrih (betel) + KApur (lime powder) is a kind of mixed-snack which usually functioned also as unifying factor for Papua people who lives in mountains, valley, sidecoast, and lake at Papua land. Eating areca nut is a culture and a well-known tradition that exist among Papua people for ever since. And it is okay if people are spitting anywhere after eating this snack. But, nowadays, spitting saliva (from people who spitted) PiSiKa at random public places like at the streets and walls is a dirty things for some people. Then, there are policies which released to regulate this Papua culture. It sounds like "Don't Eat Areca Nut Here", "No Spitting Area", "Eat Areca Nut is Forbidden", "Don't Spitting Areca at Public Place". Those are messagea which "published" at Papua land. Then, eating PiSika which regulated now, it is would be a reason for Papua people to express themselves?

Dance Performer : Darlane
Sclupture Maker Performer : Albertho Wanma
Shadow Puppet (dalang) Perfromer : Wahono
Live Electronic Music : Septian Dwi Cahyo
Lighting design : Bureg La Sandeq

Komunitas Salihara
Jakarta - Indonesia

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