Peace to all,

We had the chance and the pleasure to celebrate on Saturday november 21st 2009 at the Vaudeville in Brussels, the Hip-Hop Anniversary proposing 26 years of this Culture in Belgium as well as 35 years worldwide without forgetting 21 years of struggle for the Zulu Nation on our country.

That event had for goal to celebrate with the entire Community a new step in the history of the movement and this is why the Zulu Nation did all they could to offer to everyone a party which should stay in the History of our National events putting on the table their Financial capacities but most af all the positive energy that the organisation tries to spread thru all those years.

It is important to understand that this Culture is the property of nobody in particular and each and everyone defend it or make it survive in its way. The Zulu Nation has for goal to unite the different people to create a "Unity" which stays the key for success and longetivity.

The Zulu Nation thanks everyone who are fighting to make this culture surviving since all those years thru the Artistic way, the Financial Way, Cultural way or just because of their Passion.

That Anniversary Party was YOURS et through Street Knowledge TV we wich to this culture LONG LIVE !!

Hip-Hop Don't Stop

One Love


Street Knowledge tv : la première émission audiovisuelle dédiée à la culture Hip Hop en Belgique.

émission spéciale :

•Jungle Brothers (Mike G & DJ Sammy B)
•Chip Fu (Fu-Schnickens)
•Donald D (B-Boys & Rhyme Syndicate)
•Sadat X(Brand Nubian)
•Ironie feat Jon Bundes
•DJ Snoop feat Dynamic
•Basta Bla
•Dope Skwad
•DJ Dee Nasty
•DJ Grazzhoppa & DJ Smimooz

Pour participer à l'émission :

Partenaires :
Zulu Nation
La communauté française de Belgique

One Love, Peace

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