Bomper were tasked with creating the new product launch animation for Gtech UK and their new innovative cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner. We were supplied the solid model from Gtech and a material finish specification as the unit was still in the development stages when we be began. We were supplied with a full storyboard and script which really helped define each shot and look of the 1.30min animation.

We began by converting the CAD models to Cinema 4D and then applied the textures and materials. Then we built the upright hoover -- basing it on several current competitor models -- and also modelling the sofa and adding materials. Then we animated each section within a photographic stage setup to match the previous animation of the Gtech AirRam. There was quite a bit of R&D in getting the hose to correctly stretch and deform as due to the outer section being transparent the inner coil could be seen, using simple binding wouldn't do as it would stretch the coils unrealistically so we created a rig with a helix, spline wrap and some xpresso to give us some control points to animate the hose and attach it to both ends.

Lighting most of the scenes was straight forward due to the previous work and only needed tweaking to give the right highlights on the multi. We did, on this occasion, need to create all of the X-ray sections, so some time was taken to try and match the previous examples done by another agency. Once the animation stage was complete the files were then sent to a render farm and the output was compiled in AE along with adding in text and screen graphics. The files were sent to Gtech who then added the voice over and you can see the full movie with sound here.

Design Direction: Martin Simpson (Gtech)
Direction & 2D Assets: Liam Duignan (Gtech)

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