Nils B-Film presents (less than proudly) Mutant Apocalypse in Drugfuck Deathcamp! A project that went way out of hand and have been on ice for too long. The movie was aimed to be a household-supply-budget mashup of films like "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS" , "A Boy and His Dog", "Salò", "Drillbit", "Violent Shit", the films of Godfrey Ho and much more... it ended up an unfinnished mess, but it's still watchable for the curious fans of amature film making and lowbudget gore.

In the far flung post apocalyptic future, some guys and gals does things that involves violence, sex, mutations, drugs and cannibalism!

Oh yeah, this trailer shows some of the cheap papemashé gore. If you are easily offended by that, you may wanna stay away from this.

The video quality sucks hard by the way, gotta make the size work online after all.

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