Westbound is a team consisting of two college seniors, Cody Hawley and Hannah Melto, using their combined skills to finish two works of animation. Both are students of Kansas City Art Institute, majoring in animation. Hannah Melto, was born and raised in Chicago, specializing in story and and art design. Cody Hawley, from Davenport, Iowa, is a character animator and aspiring storyboard artist. Westbound was devised as a chance to collaborate and create multiple works for different audiences. The short film, Shoe Tree, geared more towards a final work. The studio pitch, Flintlock Jones, is more a proof of concept. With the help of your contributions, Westbound can create these two finished works of animation, and establish themselves for future projects. This is Westbound launching point and we would like to make a great first impression.

Your contributions towards the $3000 will provide equipment, programs, and the ability to pay some of the other people providing resources to these films; for instance composers and colorists. Perks vary from digital art prizes to T-shirts and posters, the highest prize being a one-of-a-kind art book that contains notes on both films as well as other fun doodles made by Hannah and Cody. If the goal is not made, we will distribute what funds we have made towards our composers and software.

With confidence, we aspire to create more projects through Westbound, from more animation to web-comics, as well as illustrative work. We hope to bring in more artists and make a larger online presence to create great things.

Of course we understand if you can not contribute to our project. That is fine. What is more important is spreading the word so that we can continue in the future. So please share if you can not donate and remember to share if you have donated!

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