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At 1.8 million square kilometres, the Mackenzie River Basin is among the largest and most ecologically significant watersheds in the world. It flows north, stretching across three provinces and two territories – a full 20 per cent of Canada’s enormous landmass – ending its journey at the Arctic Ocean.

Despite its vast size, the Mackenzie River Basin faces numerous threats to its natural state, including climate change, the effects of the Alberta oil sands on downstream water quality and quantity, the proposed “Site C” megadam in British Columbia, and the increase in natural resource development projects throughout the North.

Over the past decade, these threats have become increasingly difficult to ignore for those who depend on the Mackenzie River and its tributaries for their livelihood and survival. As a result, the territorial and aboriginal governments of the Northwest Territories – home to the bulk of the Basin – with support from the Government of Canada, have developed a comprehensive Water Stewardship Strategy to ensure that “the waters of the Northwest Territories will remain clean, abundant and productive for all time.”

To assist them in achieving this goal, the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation is launching a public education campaign to elevate awareness of Northern Voices, Northern Waters: NWT Water Stewardship Strategy, and the importance of the Mackenzie River Basin to the North, Canada and the world.

The centrepiece of this public education campaign is a 20-minute documentary commissioned by the Gordon
Foundation. Working with Yellowknife-based filmmakers Pablo Saravanja and Jay Bulckaert of aRTLeSS Collective, and journalist Tim Querengesser, the team will bring the Mackenzie closer to home for the many Canadians who may be unaware of its importance, or even its existence.

We will release this film during Canada Water Week, March 17 – 23, 2014. The film will be housed on a dedicated website and available through Vimeo. DVDs with a viewer guide for educational screenings will be available through the Gordon Foundation. You’ll find it at If you are interested in hosting a viewing party to celebrate the film and Canada Water Week, we’ll send you a screening kit! The Foundation will also provide assistance in organizing and securing guest speakers to any groups registering a public screening and discussion of the film during Canada Water Week. For more information about the film, the Foundation’s plans for it, or to request a viewing kit, please contact:

Megan Lorius
Director of Operations and Communications
Walter and Duncan Foundation
416-601-4776 x300

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