Yep.. they have 3 very cute little "kids" that will really melt your heart once you meet them. We are all dog lovers here so you can imagine how excited we are with this particular prewedding film. I in particular love big dogs so this is like a jackpot project for me. Me and Fibi had a dinner meeting with Seandy and Ingrid and we became best friends almost instantly once we started getting to know each other. It was clear to us that this couple really appreciate our work and they cherish their story so much that they want it to be captured in a way that it represents who they are.

Seandy and Ingrid love their dogs.. let me repeat.. Seandy and Ingris love their dogs... really.. and its actually such a joy to see how they treat them. They both also have such a unique relationship. They are not lovey dovey, they treat each other like their best friends. They would joke around, steal each other's food and share a big laugh together. Thats why most of the things you see in this video is just them fooling around. Because thats what really happened.

At first we actually planned to have a full on made-up interview with the dogs, but lets just say that its a lot easier to interview human than dogs :P and so glad we changed the plan because hearing what Seandy had to say to his future wife at the time was very heart warming. We knew that this couple is not a lovely dovey type and to say the shy and intimadated Seandy surrounded by a few people took the courage to express his feelings and say "Love you" was more meaningful than any other way possible.

Well I hope you guys would enjoy this as much as we do. And thank you so much Seandy and Ingrid for the 8 hours or so full of massive FUN! love you guys...!

Santo {paper cranes}
Website: papercranes.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/papercranesproductions

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