Meet the winners of the Falling Walls Lab 2013 –

1. Place and Audience Award: Klemens Wassermann, Austria: “Breaking the Wall of Infection Diagnostics”, Austrian Institute of Technology

Idea: I developed an innovative way for specific and rapid pathogen concentration to revolutionise rapid, sensitive and automated pathogen detection at very low cost.

2. Place: Tarek R. Besold, Germany: Breaking the Wall of Computational Creativity“, University of Osnabrück

Idea: Using methods from artificial intelligence, cognitive science and psychology for recreating creativity and concept invention capacities in artificial systems.

3. Place: John Woodland, South Africa: „Breaking the Wall of Detecting Free Haem in Cell“, University of Cape Town

Idea: Using a flourescent probe to detect and visualise free heam in cells and to investigate its role in pathology.

3. Place: Katerina Spranger, Ukraine/Germany: “Breaking the Wall of Cardiovascular Diseases”, University of Oxford

Idea: ViVa is a medical software platform that helps surgeons treat cardiovascular diseases by personalizing intravascular interventions and improving outcomes.

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