In this banging ElectroHouse rework the stellar UK production team of Numan Paul and P.S. Stait have turned Russell's CHANGE MY LIFE into a virtual roller coaster ride in SurroundSound! High-energy from the drop of the first beat and densely-layered with Britpop synth stabs and pads, this sparkling P+S production elevates the song to anthem status--and all for a good cause! see below for details of charity.


TT Hospital is the healthcare center run by the Namdroling Buddhist Monastery in Karnataka State India founded in 2003 by HH Penor Rinpoche. The hospital serves Tibetan refugee monks and nuns living there in exile as well as local people in the surrounding villages. Donations for the download of CHANGE MY LIFE will go directly to the hospital to buy needed equipment and help expand the outreach of the healthcare facilities to neighboring villages.

If any of Arthur Russell's songs illustrates Russell's "Buddhist Pop" concept it's the plaintive yet powerful (I WANT TO) CHANGE MY LIFE. Like a prayer without ceremony this gospel anthem is a sonic offering in itself. The song is set at the moment of enlightenment which means that upon repeating the simple lyrics become a mantra-like dedication: "He was so stoned--but he was crying out I WANT TO CHANGE MY LIFE!"

"Arthur used to talk about his music to create a fountain of money that would rain down on his circle of friends so they wouldnt have to worry about basic needs. Arthur was one of the last generation of true hippies. Early in his life he lived in California communes and was insistent about applying the principles of his Buddhist studies to all aspects of his work--including his pop/dance songs. So it was fitting to choose CHANGE (which we sang together as the country duo The Sailboats and which Arthur's Landing transformed into a nudisco romp) for a special charity digirelease." Steven Hall (Arthur's Landing)

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