Zagreb May 1993


MGC Muzejsko galerijski prostor Mimara, Trg F. Roosevelta 4, Zagreb

VIDEO DOCUMENTATION- Exhibition, Interviews

May 13th

18-19 Opening exhibition

Vito Orazem Video-Holography-Monitor Installation, Klaus Jung Constructed Landscapes And Long Houses, Installation

20-22 Video Program Reality of Reflections, curator Heiko.Daxl, Jeremy Welsh "Echoes", Bill Seaman "The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers", Heiko Daxl "Welcome to H.K."

May 14th

15-18 Symposium Richard Krische "Satelite Transmission and Teleconferencing in Art" , Vito Orazem "HD-TV Studies on Architecture", Ladislav Galeta "Croatian Video Scene" , Ingeborg Fülepp "The Expectation Gap - Human Factor in Technological Progress of New Media" , Heiko Daxl "Antipodian Views - Subjective Sketches on an Artistic Approach to Media", Jeffry Shaw "Dis-Appearance"

18-20 Video ProgramComputer Graphic, Virtual Reality and Synthetic Model, curator Martine Bour: T. Wennberg "L'escamoteur", G. von Maltzan "Deese Europe", M.Benayoun "Les Quarxs", M. Puccini Metaphore echouee", M. Jaffrenou "Videoperette" (excerpts), M. Mullican "Five into One" (excerpts)

Computer Graphic: Heure Exquise Distribution, selection presented by Martine Bour: B. Gamier-Cousin "La roue enhault", E. Ramboz "L'escamoteur", M.Caro "Le Cirque conference", , M. Gumnitz "Le courrier des telespectateurs", Y. Le Pillet "Le ressac", G. von Maltzan "Le Singe peintre", E. Coignous "No Sex",

20-22 Video Program Artists seen by Artists, curator Heiko Daxl: Gavin Hodge "Zygosis"; John Halpern "Joseph Beus - Transformer",

22-24 Video Program David Blair "Wax or the Discovery of Television among the Bees"

May 15th

10-13 Symposium

Martine Bour "Art, Science and Technology - Result of the Research", Joachim Sauter "Research and Design in Expanded Dimensions of Art + Com", Simon Biggs "SCAN at the Academy Minerva "

15-18 Symposium

Malcolm Le Grice"Kismet, Protagony and Zap Splat Syndrome-Theoretical Concepts for Interactive Cinema", Kathy Rae Huffman "About Video and Media in USA" , Errki Huhtamo "Commentaries on Metacommentaries on Interactivity"

18-20 Video Program Passages, curator Heiko Daxl: Rob Rombout "Entre Deux Tours", Marina Grzinic / Aina Smid "Bilocation", Irit Beatsry "Leaving the Old Ruin"

20-22 VideoProgram American Videos, curator Kathy Rae Huffman: Bill Viola "The Passing", J. Tanaka "Who's Going to Pay for these Donuts, Anyway"

New Croatian Video, curator Ladislav Galeta: Igor Kuduz "Perpetum Mobile" 3'30" 1992, Slobodan Jokic "Black Mirror", Simon Bogojevic-Narath "Untitled", Vladislav Knezevic "Test of Infinite Dream", Tatjana Tikulin "Smetnje", Milan Bukovac "Energy of Tape"

May 16th

18-20 Video Program Life in the Media Environment, curator: Heiko Daxl: Jan Peacock "White Wash", Peter Callas "Neo Geo", Paul Garrin "Homeless is Where the Revolution is", George Show, "Man of the Crowd", Correnti Magnetiche "Urbana", Ross Harley ""Immortelle"

20-22 VideoProgram The Fall of the Berlin Wall, curator Heiko Daxl: Katrin Willem Born in DDR", Antal Lux "Wallrunner", Llurex "Everything Changes", Bettina Lunser "15 Peaces of Unity", Horst Markgraf "Bitterfeld Elegy", Egon Bunne "Raymond Federman", Gusztav Hamos "The Real Power of Television"

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