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This was supposed to be done before episode 1 aired, but having a job took more of my time than I thought, but I finally finished it! The intro is based on the intro of Nekomonogatari Black (

I had a lot of fun learning after effects with this, but there are some parts where the animation isn't as smooth as I would have liked, unfortunately it seems I am at the limit of my current abilities since every time I try to fix it, it becomes worse. Hopefully I'll get a chance to improve some more before starting my next project.

Programs used: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash
The Twilight puppet was created based on the DHX leak and some bits from Double Rainboom.

The following vectors were used in the animation, thanks to those that created them:
EOH book: Where everything began by SnowedEarth

Youngish princess luna puppet (CS6) by TheClawdeen34

MLP Resource: Fairy-Light Lamp Post by mewtwo-EX

MLP logo by Derpwave

Ponyville Town Hall (Long) by BonesWolbach

My Little Pony: Flash resource kit (version 2.4) by Drud14

Elements of Harmony in Stoneby MillennialDan

MLP Ruined Pillarby Evilbob0

MLP Resource: Bgr 003 (old castle corridor) by ZuTheSkunk

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